Our Mission


It all started in 1925 when a Siberian immigrant named Anatol Josepho unveiled the world’s first fully-automatic photographic machine on Broadway and 51st near Times Square.  He crowned his invention the Photomaton, costing him $11,000 to make, even though the original concept for a photo booth came about during the Belle Epoque at the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris.

EEP is a state of the art digital photo booth company, our booths are equipped with four different capture modes for a fun filled event that focuses on the individual needs of each of our clients.  Our company also focuses on one of the most important aspects in today's society, data.  We use a non-intrusive approach to providing data collections, analytics and surveys.  EEP will customize your booth to suit your event needs and will provide excellent customer service for you, your event guests, customer base and surrounding communities.  EEP also provides photography services as well.  Our goal is to FOCUS, AIM, and CAPTURE  our client's needs, while providing nothing short of excellence to CAPTURE the timeless moments for you to cherish for years to come. 

About Us

P.R. Howard Jackson

The CEO, P.R. Howard Jackson is a passionate entrepreneur with businesses in real estate investments, Biometrics Technology , clothing, as well as other ventures. Jackson has a keen, sharp eye for details with the goal of excellence and nothing less.  

Jessica L. Howard Jackson

Our advisor and photographer, Jessica L. Howard Jackson is a career coach The Mitre corporation and has her own practice as a leadership/executive coach.  A certified yoga teacher and beloved member of Alpha, Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Jessica has an amazing eye for photography and will capture the most amazing shots, angles and unexpected moments.




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